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Six Reasons You’ll Love to Travel Blog With Your Mom/Daughter

Six Reasons You’ll Love to Travel Blog With Your Mom-Daughter

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Six Reasons You’ll Love to Travel Blog With Your Mom

By: The Daughter

My teacher inspired me to write a blog about the world trip that my family, and I are taking. She said that I could record my adventures where everyone could read them. As my teacher, she knew about my passion for writing, and I couldn’t resist the thought of someone I didn’t know reading my stories! So I jumped right in and started blogging

Here are six reasons why you’ll love to travel blog with your mom:

1. You might get what you ask for

I persuaded my mom to start a blog as well, and she has gone above and beyond: signing up for writing classes, and blogging frequently. I am so glad I dragged my mom into this with me.

2. It boosts your confidence

Sometimes, I just want to stop, convincing myself that I am a horrible writer and that no one reads my blog. My mom always reminds me of the fact that people ARE reading my blog, or so my stats say.

3. You can brainstorm together

Of course, blogging is a much larger commitment than I thought, and when I am starting to fall behind or have writers block, I can go to my mom for help. When I begin to bang my head on the desk, she is always ready to assist me with brainstorming.

Daughter makes paper from elephant poo

Daughter makes paper from elephant poo

4. Somebody checks your spelling/grammar

No spelling or grammar mistakes slip through my mom’s sight, which is a feat in of itself considering English is her second language.

5. Share something special

Blogging together is one thing that my mom and I share, only the two of us. I have two younger brothers who always want to do the same things as me, even if it means dressing up as princesses and dancing ballet in the living room. So usually, our activities are shared. Of
course I get attention, as the oldest child and only girl, but only when we work on the blog, am I doing something purely, and only with my mom.

6. See a different perspective

Last but not least, writing a blog together will give us different perspectives on the same topic. While I might view an excursion to the museum as boring and utterly un-enjoyable, she might view it as a great learning experience, and that might then change my whole perspective on the visit to the museum. Reading my mom’s blog ensures that I see the whole picture of the trip, and I can enjoy and learn from every bit.

All in all blogging with my mom is a great bonding and learning experience.

Visit my blog at to read more about my adventure.

Mom and kids at Chiang Rai tea plantation

Mom and kids at Chiang Rai tea plantation

Six Reasons You’ll Love to Travel Blog With Your Daughter

By: The Mom

Kids get you to do things you would never have done on your own:  angling for scary looking needle fish on a long-tail boat, a meditation on the freedom of a cow, or – scariest of all – writing a travel blog!

Here are six reasons why you’ll love to travel blog with your daughter:

1. It gets you started

Without my daughter, I would have found a hundred reasons not to blog,  but (pre-)teens are optimists, and their enthusiasm is infectious.

2. It keeps you going

If you start a blog together, you will not easily stop. After all,  what kind of example would you set by throwing in the towel.

3. Get ideas from each other

It is great to bounce ideas off each other when you have writer’s block or when you can’t decide which of your many travel experiences is blog-worthy.

Mom/daughter at Elephant Nature Park

Mom/daughter at Elephant Nature Park

4. Learn from each other

Blogging is a great way to teach spelling and grammar. To do so, I had to sign up for online grammar and writing courses to keep up with my daughter.

5. Share something special

Blogging together can be a great bonding experience to share just the two of you, making beautiful memories of joint learning in the process.

6. Get to know each other

The chances are that you experienced an excursion or museum completely differently than your daughter. I would never even know about this if it wasn’t for reading her blogs.

Mom/Daughter at Koh Lanta Beach

Mom/Daughter at Koh Lanta Beach

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