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How A Greek Strike Was A Travel School Blessing …

Greece is handling a large influx of refugees from Syria, while also dealing with a bankrupt economy. Twenty-five percent of Greek are unemployed, and those who have jobs, have seen their salary reduced by about a third in the past year. While we were in Athens, we witnessed a large march and strike to protest the latest round of austerity measures. The measures still passed, because they are the country’s ticket to European aid. Due to the strike, on the day we had planned to climb the Acropolis, the site was closed.

A Strike Shuts Down The Acropolis

A Strike Shuts Down The Acropolis

We spent more time at the Acropolis Museum instead. WorldTripGirl wrote about her love for this museum on her blog “Kore: The Supermodels of Ancient Greece”. My sons, on the other hand, were pulling my hand from the moment we entered. “This is boring, can we go now,” Nine said.

“I want to go!” Seven screamed more passionately. We persisted for a while, and saw the headlines, then I resigned myself to the fact that WorldTripGirl would tour more of the museum by herself while I entertained the boys in the museum store.

We entered the bookstore and my boys started browsing. They found a book about Hercules, then about the Trojan War, the Minotaur, Perseus, and Alexander The Great. After about two hours, I had to bribe them with food to leave. We bought more books and planted ourselves in the museum restaurant. Still, they didn’t have enough, and before their food arrived they had finished all the books we had bought for them; about the history of the Olympic Games, a kids’ version of the Odyssey, and the adventures of Ulysses.

Reading in the Acropolis Museum

Reading in the Acropolis Museum

More Reading in the Museum Restaurant

More Reading in the Museum Restaurant

This was a classic (Greek) example of a Blessing in Disguise or #glasshalffull.

Until now, my boys would only agree to touch a book in exchange for screen time.

P.S. All books they read were from a children’s series published by Usborne. Recommended.

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