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Ten Reasons to Travel to (Mainland) Greece (With Kids)

We found Greeks very friendly and the country is much more diverse than we had expected. We visited Santorini, and then took a road trip on the mainland, taking us from Athens, to Delphi, Meteora, Ionnina, Vitsa (Zagori), Parga and back via the Peloponnese, Ancient Corinth, the Corinth canal to Athens. We highly recommend this route and Greece in general. If the number of blogs I wrote is any indication, then we had a very impactful three weeks in Greece.

Here is a summary of our top ten Greek experiences:


Santorini is a dream. It was the favorite destination of our kids in Greece. The local donkeys, which were all named Kostos, definitely contributed to the fun. We also attended a mock-wedding and learnt how to smash plates the Greek way. WorldTripGirl wrote about it here.

Sunset in Santorini, Greece

Sunset in Santorini, Greece


A Greek friend from my Israeli Ulpan recommended his childhood friend as a guide. He gave us a complete tour of Athens, including the Jewish history and a mini-foodie tour. WorldTripGirl wrote about Athens here, and I explained how my sons fell in love with reading in Athens here.

WorldTripFamily and Athens Tour Guide

WorldTripFamily and Athens Tour Guide

Athens Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have nothing to do with Greece, but we discovered in Athens that we love this activity as a family. This means we can add escape rooms to the growing list of activities we love as a family; it already includes foodie tours, cats, biking, fishing and of course travel.

WorldTripFamily finishes DaVince Escape Room

WorldTripFamily finishes DaVince Escape Room

Ancient Delphi

Delphi was the start of a road trip on the mainland of Greece. It is beautiful, and for the first time, our kids were really into learning about history. We also stayed at yet another very nice guesthouse, with a breakfast buffet of yoghurt, cakes, and salads.

WorldTripKids in Delphi

WorldTripKids in Delphi

Meteora Monasteries

Meteora’s floating monasteries are breathtaking. You can climb to these cases in the sky relatively easily, by a steep staircase. My kids thought it funny that I was scared of the cliffs. Unfortunately, they moved closer to the edge, to hear me scream louder.

One of Meteoras Monasteries

One of Meteora’s Monasteries


“Finally, we meet real people,” WorldTripGirl said when we strolled in this pleasant city. She meant that finally we were not surrounded by tourists. There are no major sites in Ioannina, but there is a pleasant lake and caves nearby.

Lake in Ioannina

Lake in Ioannina


This region is home to 52 villages, connected via ancient walkways and gray-green bridges. It was raining when we visited, but we went out anyway, slip sliding down to the river. We also had the best meal of our trip in a local mushroom restaurant.

MetroMan in Zagori

MetroMan in Vikos Gorge in Zagori


We stayed in a village just outside town. We rented a small motor boat and the kids took turns navigating us to deserted beaches. In the evening, the kids played soccer with locals in the harbor and took a break from Greek food with a trip to the local Chinese.

WorldTripKids and our boat in Parga

WorldTripKids and our boat in Parga

Corinth Canal

This is by far the most impressive canal I have ever seen. I stayed a little behind the kids so that the kids wouldn’t repeat their sport of moving close to the edge to hear me scream in fear. We stayed at Daphne’s Club, which gave us bicycles to ride.

Daphne's Bikes near Corinth

Daphne’s Bikes near Corinth

Pin this!

Pin this!

Greek Food

Seven’s favorite was Moussaka, but we also enjoyed the olives, greek salad and full-fat yoghurt with honey. WorldTripGirl and I read “The Rosie Project” and are considering implementing the Standardized Meal Plan, where we eat the same dish every week. Greek salad on Mondays.

WorldTripGirl meets Greek Yoghurt with Honey

WorldTripGirl meets Greek Yoghurt with Honey

Seven with a modern version Mousaka

Seven with a modern Mousaka

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One thought on “Ten Reasons to Travel to (Mainland) Greece (With Kids)

  1. Franke Verhoeven-Van der Linden

    Ik heb weer genoten van je reisverslag. En nu zijn jullie in Brazilië …
    Wat hebben jullie al veel beleefd. Super wat een ervarin!
    Dit zullen de kinderen nooit vergeten en dát is natuurlijk ook de bedoeling .

    Ik kijk weer uit naar het volgende verslag.
    Ook het verslag van WTG was weer leuk om te lezen. Ze kan het goed verwoorden.

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