World Trip Family


World Trip Family Independence Day 2015

World Trip Family – Independence Day 2015

I’m a former Silicon Valley CEO, who is currently on an one-year family sabbatical with my husband (‘Metro Man’) and three children: my daughter World Trip Girl, and my sons Eight and Seven. Unfortunately, Cookie the Cat had to stay home.

I am originally from The Netherlands and my husband was born in Israel. We met in a bar in Tokyo, Japan, and are now United States citizens living in Silicon Valley (California).

We are workaholics. We love technology and innovation. We can’t help it. We have been a dual-career household for twenty years. We know we can’t have it all – in any given year – so to rebalance our lives and to give back to family, community and ourselves, we quit our jobs, rented out our home, and left on an one year family sabbatical traveling the world. We left Independence Day 2015. I took a similar sabbatical, traveling in the United States, six years ago. I call this a ‘YoYo Lifestyle’, alternating 5-7 years of intense career focus with a year of (family) sabbatical.

Our sabbatical theme is ‘People, Not Places’.

Emerging themes are ‘Experiences, Not Stuff‘ and ‘Do Good, Feel Good‘.

Our year will have 4 quarters:

  • Quarter 1: Spend time with my family in The Netherlands (side-trips throughout Europe)
  • Quarter 2: Travel in Asia (and Australia)
  • Quarter 3: Spend time with my in-laws in Israel (side trip to Greece)
  • Quarter 4: Travel in South America

In addition to spending time with loved ones, our goals for this sabbatical year are:

  • Dominique (Me): Become (more) resilient (and show the kids)
  • Eilam (Husband): Go on an adventure and relax
  • World Trip Girl (Daughter): Go on an adventure and write a book
  • Nine and Seven (The Boys): Leave school for a year

We also want to visit the amazing au pairs we have hosted in the past.

My daughter has her own blog at It’s a lot of fun.

Our journey is dedicated to my father-in-law, Amos, who gave us the courage to take this trip and who is in our hearts, always.