World Trip Family


Australia – we spent a month and 2,139 miles in an RV and visited our former au pair Nina

Czech Republic – we spent a week in the Czech Republic to see our former au pair Lenka

China – we did 3 weeks China-for-beginners in Yuangshuo, Longsheng, Beijing and Shanghai

Denmark – we visited our former au pair Maria for a week in Denmark

England – we started our year with two+ weeks in England with dear friends

Hong-Kong – we eased ourselves into Asia with a short visit to Hong Kong

Japan – after 20 years we went back to the country where we met for 3 weeks

Netherlands – we used my parental home in The Netherlands as our home base for 3 months

Thailand – we traveled to Thailand for 5 weeks

Israel – we lived in Israel for almost four months

Greece – we road-tripped in Greece for two-and-a-half weeks

Germany – we passed through the Black Forest in Germany on our way to catch a cheap flight to Brazil

Switzerland – we visited my cousins in Zug, Switzerland and lived in a postcard

Brazil – we spent 3 weeks in Brazil in Ubatuba, Itamambuca, Paraty and on my uncle’s coffee farm near Braganca Paulista

Galapagos Islands – the final weeks we spent on the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador